Terms and Conditions

All our vehicles have full comprehensive, vehicle and public liability insurance cover; this covers the vehicle and passengers whilst in operation. Passengers should however ensure that they have sufficient cover for any personal items/luggage that they bring onto the vehicle.

All vehicles are fully licensed to carry fare paying passengers by Conwy Borough Council.

Although every care will be taken to ensure the safe keeping of personal property, Diamond-Line Premier Chauffeurs cannot accept liability for any losses. The client will be held responsible for the repair or valet charges for our vehicle should they cause any damage or soiling during the journey.

Diamond-Line Premier Chauffeurs reserves the right to refuse to carry any passengers who in our drivers’ opinion are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any car parking or entrance fees will be charged at cost. Diamond-Line Premier Chauffeurs will not carry pets or animals unless by special arrangement. Excess charges will be made for any extra mileage requested by passengers further to our quote.



All reservations must be made directly with the Diamond-Line Office (01492 546785) or www.diamond-line.co.uk. info@diamond-line.co.uk All reservation are a legally binding contract and are confirmed once you receive our completed booking form, however we reserve the right to cancel any bookings until a 25%deposit is paid. If paying by credit card, the full amount must be cleared 72 hours prior to date of travel. Credit card payments attract a 2.5% administration fee.



All reservations confirmed by our booking form carry a cancellation fee of 50% Cancellations made less then 48 hours prior to scheduled journeys will be charges in full. Diamond-line Premier Chauffeurs reserve the right to apply fuel surcharges. We own the copyright to the information contained on this web page, we are licensed by the copyright owner to display the information or we are authorised to display it. Please note that you are not authorised to distribute, copy or display this web page, any other pages within this website or any section thereof for commercial gain or otherwise, and you may only use the information for your own internal purposes.

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